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      Company News

      Outdoor BBQ

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        For enriching our leisure time,our company organized an outing activity on June 19 Saturday  to the Castle Peak Bay. All members took park in this travel.

        Firstly,we packed our private issues and substantiual amount of food for the vacation. We were put on the company's special bus ready to go.

       Our main theme is beach barbecue,so everybody was so excited.we cant wait to begin our tour .

       With the boss as the leader, 9 cars start from the company to the destination.

       Then time flies,we had already arrive the place one hour latter.

       The weather was so sweet,the sea wind still blowing.Our moond was so delight too.The first and the most important thing is to take photos.

        Arriving the place,we started arrange our issues and fill our stomach. Then male members took responsible for handle the barbecue rake and roast delicious food for femals,and femals help do something easier. During barbecue time ,we enjoyed the food that men baked for us .

         Finishing the barbecue we played a game together that the loser would perform a show.We played utill the moon went out lowly. 

        In the dusk sunshine ,we started singing in an open-air KTV .You will find this is a potential singer group.The mostly members loved singing. Our boss also sang with us. We are a dynamic team.


        When we are tired,we had a meaningful chatting each other,we know each other and cheered for friendship!